Types of Sake
A lot of heavy type liquor which has a strong characteristics with an umami richness.
It is a Japanese sake featuring fresh and ornate fragrance with a delicate flavor.
Made from rice, rice malt, water. It is the highest quality among Junmai Sake. It is treated as a luxury goods in Japan. A fruity and gorgeous scent characterized by a Ginjo sake. It features a gorgeous scent and deep flavor.
Taste and Flavor
It features a fruity aroma and of flowers. It is a light alcoholic drinks with a little bitter taste. Best when chilled.
It features rice flavor. Not to mention room temperature of course the taste further improves. It is compatible with dairy cuisine and it matches meals with a good taste and aroma.
It is often pale and features a light taste. It is lightly bitter and sour and has a fresh impression when chilled. It is best to cool well and drink with a glass sake bottle.
Production Area
Kyoto is an ancient capital representing Japan and boasts high popularity among tourists both in Japan and abroad. Kyoto is one of the leading sake brewing in Japan boasting the second largest sake production nationwide.
Niigata's overall light and delicate taste with a dry taste.It's water is super soft with mineral content and fermentation that progresses slowly in a low temperature. It is sake that is unique to Niigata with a refreshing taste.
The world's best Sake brewing in Japan that has won a gold medal award for 6th consecutive years. In terms of wine, it is a worldwide liquor production equivalent to Bordeaux in France and Burgundy, California in the USA and others.