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A must-see for Juyondai fans!
We have the most popular Juyondai in Japan!
For small-scale production, we got this Juyondai that is not easily available anywhere in the world.
It is the Joyundai that you can't find in your local store.
Limited quantity only. So please try it by all means.
Juyondai Honmaru Hidengaeshi Special Authentic-brewed (1800ml)(alc.15%)
Purchased 9 hours ago
quantity of stock:4
This is the only place where you can buy Juyondai in Singapore.Try the Juyondai standard.
Reference price: $850
533.92 USD

Staff Recommendation!

It has a gorgeous aroma that spreads out as soon as it is put into your mouth.

It is one that represents the ""Juyodai"" series.

Therefore, it is sometimes sold at suprisingly expensive prices.It is a gem!

Juyondai Nakadori Banshu Aiyama Junmai Ginjo (1800ml)(alc.16%)
Purchased 7 hours ago
quantity of stock:5
The Juyondai is created from the practice of exploring and developing sake.
519.87 USD
Juyondai Nakadori Bizen Omachi Junmai Ginjo (1800ml)(alc.16%)
Purchased 2 hours ago
quantity of stock:1
We have the sake that is difficult to obtain now.
Reference price: $980
677.70 USD
Takagi Shuzo Juyondai Medium Preparation Junmai Non-filtered 1800ml(alc.15%)
Purchased 9 hours ago
quantity of stock:3
A rare Juyondai that can only be drunk in Japan.
Want to try it?
Reference price: $728
843.03 USD

It was around Heisei 6 year. At that time, dry taste was booming in the world of sake. Under these circumstances and ignoring the trend, the fruity and sweet Daiginjo sake appeared.
Fans were captivated with ""Juyondai"", one after another since it carried a certain order and quality.
Mr. Akira Takagi is both the managing director and chief brewer of the cellar. A founder of the ""Juyondai"" and has worked at a major department store in Tokyo, he is called a young genius, who has a good sense of management.
Without a doubt, one of the people who made the fruity type of sake popular. ""Juyondai"" has a certain quality of liquor that is worthy of being called ""premium sake"", with the ability, sense, and above all, the quality.

Dassai Junmai Daiginjo 23% Polished (720 ml)(alc.16%)
Purchased 1 hours ago
quantity of stock:8
The world's most famous sake, Dassai.Do enjoy it at home.
Reference price:$298
64.35 USD

Staff Recommendation!

The reason I became a sake lover was because of Dassai.

It is perfect to have when you're trying out sake for the first time, and because it easily goes with anything, it is a sake that you'll want to enjoy for a long time as a basic sake.

Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo Sake 0.72L (alc.15~16%)
Purchased 6 hours ago
quantity of stock:10
Dassai is the standard type.
It is recommended for an introduction to sake.
Reference price: $75
43.25 USD
Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo Sake, 0.72L (alc.16%)
Purchased 1 hours ago
quantity of stock:8
We promise that you will be impressed.
It has a wonderful scent that you won't think is made of rice and water.
Reference price: $116
67.92 USD

As you know, this is now the most famous cellar in Japan. Mr. Hiroshi Sakurai, the current president, changed the main composition to Daiginjo-based and gained massive popularity. It is characterized by employees who work all year round and not leave the chief brewer in making beverages in the four seasons.
In many sake breweries in Japan, it is usually made during winter when it is cold, and this is termed ""cold-brewing"", but its quality and production volume are enhanced through data analysis and process control, even without leaving it all to the chief brewer.
In addition, by specializing in Daiginjo, employees gain rich experience.

If mass production is done, there is a concern that sake rice will run short.
In Dassai, the latest data management is introduced to sake rice making by thorough organization.
By managing the condition of rice fields, it became possible for any farmer to make sake rice of the same quality.


Single malt whisky.
The characteristics of Yamazaki are namely sweet, mellow and lustrous.
Everybody recognizes it as a pioneer of Japanese whisky culture.
The most important is Yamazaki's key malt which is the ""Mizunara barrel"".
The unique flavor, reminiscent of sandalwood and aloeswood, is now for Yamazaki.
And it is an essential thing for Japanese whiskey.
Whiskey weaved by the magnificent nature of Japan.

SUNTORY Yamazaki 50 Yeas Old 700ml
Limited to 1
There are only 250 bottles of it in the world.It is the legendary Yamazaki.
279,136.60 USD
SUNTORY Yamazaki 18 Years Old
Purchased 18 hours ago
quantity of stock:1
18 years of history. Profound flavor.
Reference price: $1,388
1,109.99 USD
SUNTORY Yamazaki 25 Yeas Old 700ml
Purchased 19 hours ago
quantity of stock:3
Finest class.
Limited to 1200 bottles a year.
Reference price: $13,588
This product is no longer available.
SUNTORY Yamazaki 12 Yeas Old 700ml
Purchased 10 hours ago
quantity of stock:2
Yamazaki whiskey
All basic types
273.98 USD

Hibiki WWA 2019 ""World's Best Blended Whiskey"" Winner

Hibiki is making a name in the world, Blended Whiskey.
One of its features is that it easy to drink, and feel the sweetness of grain with familiarity.
We are focusing on making unblended whisky that makes full use of the natural beauty of Japan.
Making unblended whisky uses three types of barrels of different materials and capacities at three distilleries.
The brewer is blending from more than 800,000 unblended whisky.
Depending on the type and history of barrels, the location of barrels in storage, etc., subtle differences are felt in the scent and flavor.
It is a whisky packed with brand history and Japanese history.

SUNTORY Hibiki 35 Years Old 700ml
quantity of stock:1
It is limited to 1.
The highest peak of Hibiki.
119,429.25 USD
SUNTORY Hibiki 30 Years Old 700ml
Purchased 7 hours ago
quantity of stock:4
A rare and limited edition item that shows different appearances.
5,760.70 USD
SUNTORY Hibiki 17 Years Old 700ml
Purchased 10 hours ago
quantity of stock:2
The manufacturer sold the very last of it. It is a must-see items for fans.
Reference price: $1,488
604.17 USD
SUNTORY Hibiki 21 Years Old 700ml
Purchased 2 hours ago
quantity of stock:10
A very fruity, sweet, and aged aroma reminiscent of flowers.
Reference price: $1,599
821.95 USD

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