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Daishichi prizes sake that embodies shared universal values for a brewed alcoholic drink. The brewery aims to win recognition for sake made in the traditional “kimoto” method as the best Japanese sake of all.

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Our shop do not accept returns & refunds. Please bear this in mind when purchasing our products. However, we may be accepting returns & refunds in case of the occasions below; 1. Products damaged on arrival. 2. Products different from the order. Please contact us individually for this request. [ For order cancellation ] Request for order cancellation can only be accepted before the order is shipped. [ Refunds ] Refunds will be made only via PayPal, in Japanese yen. The amount to be refunded shall be that of the Japanese yen amount recorded at the time of transaction. [ Others ] In the event that a product is returned due to an unsuccessful delivery, wrong address, or extended storage by the local delivery provider, re-shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.

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