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Founded in 1904. Winter is cold and summer is hot. The first sake brewing in Aizu Sakashita-cho, near the center of the Aizu Basin. The deliciousness of locally produced rice. While watching the growth of rice, I feel the condition of the rice of the year with my skin and brew sake using the characteristics of rice. It is based on the ideal of sake that has a personality that oozes out naturally. The low-temperature management that does not apply unnecessary heat stress from preparation to storage management prevents excessive deterioration and leaves transparency. To reproduce the deliciousness, fun, and joy of those who drink from daily life to special moments, as a full-bodied translucency born from a polite and clean work, and as a non-disturbing food liquor that snuggles up to various foods Aiming. While maximizing that year and aiming to further improve the quality of sake that surpasses our previous year's strength, we do not forget the uniqueness of the sake brewing and face the whole spirit to sake brewing. I want to continue to make “Sake that continues to evolve with nature with the times” and “Sake that can be enjoyed indefinitely even if it is made”.

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