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Founded in present Kitakata City, Aizu District. The founder Iwata Zenji-Heibei-Yoshinaga thought high quality was essential to attract real customers and he earnestly practiced quality 1st principle at that time. Since then, secret sake brewing method has been handed down for generations in Iwata family and the 4th and the 5th owners received many awards and prizes because of quality sake. Incorporated as a company in 1951, complying with the quality 1st principle, we have maintained traditional sake brewing method while avoiding excessive modernization and mass-production. Sake sales peaked in 1973 in Japan. Only 4years after its peak, we started producing pure rice sake or Jun-mai shu (sake with no alcohol added) in 1977. We started making and selling Jun-mai shu earlier than any other peers in Fukushima and other areas in Japan and initiated Jizake (or local sake) boom. In 2018, we won a gold medal at Annual Japan Sake Awards.

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Our shop do not accept returns & refunds. Please bear this in mind when purchasing our products. However, we may be accepting returns & refunds in case of the occasions below; 1. Products damaged on arrival. 2. Products different from the order. Please contact us individually for this request. [ For order cancellation ] Request for order cancellation can only be accepted before the order is shipped. [ Refunds ] Refunds will be made only via PayPal, in Japanese yen. The amount to be refunded shall be that of the Japanese yen amount recorded at the time of transaction. [ Others ] In the event that a product is returned due to an unsuccessful delivery, wrong address, or extended storage by the local delivery provider, re-shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.

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